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What Do We Do?

Brock/Allen Casting is one of the most sought-after veteran casting directors in Texas. We offer full service casting of star names, new talent, location needs, and extras.

We have been casting Film, Television and Commercial projects since 1990. Our work has allowed us to uncover and maintain unequalled resources beyond the agented talent pool, enabling us to fill even the most challenging needs.

We have handled projects from some of the biggest shows to student films. How we approach, handle and execute on the specific needs for your project will exceed your expectations.

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Finding the Right People is our Specialty

While the breadth and depth of our film, television and commercial experience is vast, there are a number of specialty areas in which Brock/Allen Casting is widely recognized as the go-to source.

+ Independent Films

From negotiating contracts from Hollywood stars to finding that perfect actor for the cashier, Brock/Allen Casting can do it all. With over 30 combined years in casting films, TV shows, and commercials, we can bring your project to the next level whether you are a seasoned producer or a film student.

+ Extras

Brock/Allen Casting has set the standard for finding background talent in Texas. We have a large pool of people who represent every walk of life to help fill a stadium or just a room. Our recent work has helped make Brock/Allen Casting a name that extras trust and that helps us fulfill any needs production could ask for.

+ Real People

You can quickly and easily avoid the production challenges and delays often associated with casting untrained and inexperienced people by accessing our group of 'real people' actors. Brock/Allen Casting actively maintains connections with talented actors who come from a variety of professional and ethnic backgrounds. Do you need a police officer, musician, biker, paramedic, cowboy, hair dresser or priest? We can fulfill any need, so please contact us today.

+ Children

We are fortunate to have a very large and highly qualified talent pool from which to draw, and we are also adept at scouting new talent for hard-to-fill projects. Our skill in casting the right child or group of children for your project cannot be matched.

+ Sports Production

Working in creating a sports show or commercial not only require a deep knowledge and understanding of the SAG rules, but also collaboration with the various competing factions in order to consistently achieve production success. We can accommodate any need with regards to a sports team, band, cheer and crowd.

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