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On Set Guidelines

  1. Be professional. Proper workplace etiquette should be followed.
  2. Be courteous and attentive.
  3. Arrive with the wardrobe requested. If you do not have a specifically requested item, find the next best item you already own.
  4. Always assume that a set is a “closed set” unless specifically told otherwise (i.e. do not bring friends or family members without permission).
  5. Never take photos on set or post about it on social media unless given permission. Most projects rely on the suspense to create that magic on screen. You never know what small detail may end up being a crucial spoiler.
  6. Arrive on time and ready to work. Your call time is when production is ready to receive you so do not arrive too early and do not arrive late. Usually 15-30 minutes before your call time is safe.
  7. Fill out your information with care. Make sure all information is legible on all copies.
  8. Sometimes there may be food available at the start of the day, this is commonly referred to as a “courtesy breakfast” regardless of the time of day it would be consumed (even a 6:00pm call time is called a courtesy breakfast). You should not assume that every set will have one, we will try to inform you if there is one or not. If you are unsure ask us! We will try our best to find out. Courtesy breakfasts should be consumed before your call time. So if there is a breakfast and you plan on partaking in it, arrive 30 minutes before your call time so you have time to eat and be ready once your call time has arrived. Snacks and water will be provided, but we encourage you to bring your own especially if you have dietary restrictions.
  9. Listen to the production assistants (also known as “PA’s”), they are usually in charge of getting you to your mark safely and efficiently. If you have any questions or concerns they are the first person you should talk to. If you voice a concern to a PA, and do not feel like it has been properly addressed please call the casting cell phone immediately and we will take care of any issues.
  10. Set is very much a business of “hurry up and wait”. There may be times when people are frantically rushing around, but there may also be extended periods of down time. Be prepared to quietly entertain yourself for such times. (Bring a book, homework, games, etc.)
  11. We do not advise leaving anything valuable in any holding areas. Sometimes items may get moved or accidentally picked up. It is best to leave anything that is valuable in your car or do not to bring it.
  12. Do not ask to leave early. In the event of an emergency notify the PA in charge of Background Extras before you leave.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit to be a background extra on your shows?

The best way is to sign up for our database because we go there first for our specialty searches and email blasts. Also keep an eye on our Facebook Page because we list the different shows we are currently casting.

How Do I Get Speaking Parts?

Principal roles (roles that usually, but not always, have speaking lines) are generally cast beforehand by the casting department through auditions. The best way to be called for an audition is to have an agent and get out there. We may occasionally call someone who is un-agented for an audition if we believe they will fit the part (i.e. we have seen them perform) we generally only put out breakdowns for principal roles to agents.

How Do I Get an Agent? Do You Have a Recommendation?

We do not recommend one agent over another. Lookup agents in your area and then inquire to the agent on how to apply.

How do I get paid?

Payment is handled by each production company so payment details will vary depending on the production. Most productions pay via a payroll company and checks will usually arrive after 10-15 business days. Always keep a copy of the payment voucher you receive while working on set. It will be handed to you at the end of the day. If you are not given a copy, take a picture of the copy production has.

I’m missing a check, who do I call?

Each production uses their own payroll company for paying background extras. Calling the issuing payroll company is always the first move, for this reason we recommend keeping a copy of your voucher until you receive a check. If the production company does not provide copies of your voucher we recommend you take a picture of it.

Who will send me my tax information?

The issuing payroll company will send any applicable tax forms.

Where and when do I show up when I am booked?

You will receive this information the night before your work day. We generally do not know the exact call time (start time) until the night before as the production crews must have a 12 hour turnaround so if the previous day goes late, the following day will start later. Parking details often are not finalized until the night before as well.

What clothes should I wear?

The wardrobe department will give us a list of items for background extras to bring. This is sent out the day before the work day. Sometimes background extras will be asked to attend a fitting session prior to your work day. If this is the case we will contact you directly.

Can I bring a friend/family member?

Generally the answer is no. Most sets are closed sets and not open to the public and sets can be limited on space. Please do not bring anyone unless you have cleared it with us first.

Do I get a credit on the show?

Background extras unfortunately do not receive screen credits on film or television.

Do you provide transportation to set?

We do not provide transportation and cannot give out others information.

Do I have to be a local?

This varies on a production by production basis but generally all productions require you to at least be a resident of the state. We give preference to those who are local (within 60 miles) of the shooting location primarily because call times can be early and change last minute.

Can I use your company as a reference?

Background extras work is on a freelance, as-needed basis, we cannot be used as a reference.

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